Virtual Phone Number™

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If you have problems separating personal and business calls, Virtual Phone Number™ will help you keep your lives separate while establishing a professional appearance for your company.

  • Unlimited minutes and texts
  • Works with any device
  • No long-term contracts
  • Fast-and-easy service to set up with no fuss
Mobile Device & Tablet Capable Mobile Device & Tablet Capable Mobile Device & Tablet Capable Mobile Device & Tablet Capable

Mobile Device & Tablet Capable

Virtual Phone Number™

Search & Buy Numbers in Seconds

Powerful Features

Virtual Phone allows you to run your business from wherever you want using your Mobile or Landline Phone


Buy Local Business Numbers

Search and buy local Virtual Phone Numbers™ in any area code.

Buy Toll-Free & Vanity Numbers

Virtual Phone Number™ gives you the option for both Toll-Free and Vanity phone numbers, giving you a distinct advantage by making your business appear more professional to your clients and customers.

Your Very Own Virtual Receptionist

The importance of a virtual receptionist cannot be underestimated. Set up unlimited extensions, personal greetings, and voicemail boxes so your caller never needs to leave a message and speaks to a professional every time.

Call Forwarding & Business Texting

Virtual Phone Number™ gives you the option to forward any incoming calls and text messages to your mobile or desk phone so you can respond directly from your Virtual Phone Number™.

Suitable for any Business

We get it, your business has different needs. As such, we created one of the most feature-rich, scalable, and, most importantly, easy to use, virtual phone systems on the market today. Getting started is as easy as selecting one or more phone numbers and you can start receiving calls and text messages as soon as you are set up. As the technology is scalable, you can add more advanced features as your business expands its reach. Features like auto-dialing, lead quality, call tracking (by time of day), geo-location, lead source, and employee performance guarantees you are keeping tabs of your business needs.

Individual to Enterprise Level Software

Individual to Enterprise Level Software


Business Phone Services That Guarantees Your Business Will Strike Out!

Every business needs more than a mere phone number to guarantee success! Don’t worry, Our platform gives you the communication tools you need to ensure you grow your business. Your monthly subscription can be scaled as you want, and you can add additional services like advanced call tracking, contact management, call recording, predictive dialing, call monitoring, employee onboarding, and so many more. How long does all this take? You can get your entire organization ready to go within minutes of signing up!

Call Tracking & Analytics Features

Timing your calls is a fine art. Our features allow you to place calls at times your contacts are going to answer the phone. You can also use our functions to track marketing campaigns to keep tabs of marketing efforts.

Auto Dialer Functions

Virtual Phone Number™ offers automatic and predictive dialing capabilities, as well as a preview function for busy sales organizations where pushing a button is a waste of time and money.

Visual Voicemail

If you would rather read than listen so you are engaged with the words, our voicemail to email transcription service will suit you perfectly. All voicemails are sent to any email you choose for ease of access.

Auto-Text Reply

When you are busy on another call, you never need to lose a client by engaging your callers via text message automatically when you need a couple of extra minutes to close a deal.

Virtual Phone Number™ Pricing Plan

There Are No Contracts, You Can Cancel Anytime, No Setup Fees, and Unlimited Minutes for Your Needs


Unlimited Minutes & Texts

One Flat Fee, With No More Complicated Bills or Pricing

Many plans are so expensive you have to monitor your usage every single call, not to mention paying exorbitant fees! You need to know that you are paying for a service that delivers what it promises, all without hidden fees and contractual obligations tripping you up at every turn! You need a service that provides a comprehensive service without excessive costs threatening to derail your virtual call center. Virtual Phone Number™ provides reliable business phone and texting services without any hidden charges or fees, all for a fixed monthly fee.

Talk & Text Included for One Flat Fee Talk & Text Included for One Flat Fee Talk & Text Included for One Flat Fee Talk & Text Included for One Flat Fee Talk & Text Included for One Flat Fee

Talk & Text Included for One Flat Fee


Virtual Phone Number™ prides itself on providing high quality communication services for businesses of all sizes. Just ask our clients what they think!


Toll-Free Texting for Your Business

Engage your customers with text messaging using your toll-free number

Virtual Phone Number™ uses a two-way text messaging service. If a customer needs to inquire about your product from their mobile devices, you can choose a local or toll-free phone number, whichever you choose! You can respond to messages on a one-to-one basis or forward text messages through to an outside number. If you have the same sorts of questions and keep replying with the same responses, you can set automated replies based on keywords using our SMS autoresponder.

Get Started Now

You get walkthroughs and setup with every purchase so you can get to grips with our service quickly. No Fuss, No long-term contracts tying you down, and No Hidden fees!

Get A Vanity Virtual Phone Number™

Vanity Phone Numbers are a great way for customers to remember your number, for example, 1-800-YOUR-BIZ, which is really important in print advertising or for getting word of mouth referrals.

Virtual Phone Numbers™

Virtual Phone Number™ core mission is to offer a virtual phone service that is cost-effective and scalable, so your business can work smarter and better. We have provided thousands of businesses the communication tools they need to take their business to the next level, now it’s your turn!

Your Very own Vanity Number Your Very own Vanity Number

Your Very own Vanity Number

Port Your Number Port Your Number

Port Your Number

Would You Like To Port Your Number?

If there is an existing number you would like to port over, send an email to and we can get you started.

Unlimited Minutes & Text Messaging

It’s time to focus on your business, not your phone bills! Virtual Phone Number™ flat-fee pricing and unlimited minutes and texts means you can communicate your business in the places where it counts.

Common Questions About Virtual Phone Number™

If you have other questions, please contact us.